About us


Because of this, we want you to be able to enjoy and explore the Romanian lands and not only, without being limited or constrained by place or time, nature is waiting for you and our motorhomes can take you anywhere, at sea or in the mountains, in the north or in southern Europe, or maybe you want at DisneyLAND Paris ?! Adventure and fun start with ANF motorhomes!

Our fleet of motorhomes is new, and the cars are equipped so that your stay does not lack anything and is an unforgettable one.

We are at your disposal at any time for details, solutions or planning, we know and love Romania and we can help you to plan a tour of our country that you will remember with love and longing every time!


Useful information

About the motorhome we can tell you that it is a vehicle that can be used as a means of transport and living space (a house on wheels), they can be driven with a category B license. Our motorhomes are designed to be used both in campsites, both outside and outside campsites.

In Romania there are 57 accredited campsites where you can camp, or you can also try camping in nature, but there you have to take care of the following aspects:

  • The land on which you camp should not be privately owned;
  • Do not discharge motorhome tanks into the wild;
  • Clean the campsite on departure;
  • Make sure the ground can support the motorhome (you don't want to get stuck on top of the mountain or on the beach).

A complete list can be found at this link, thanks to some professionals in the field (Mr. Dan Casandroiu - whom we thank!).

imagineWith our motorhomes, we can travel all over Europe without any problems, as they benefit from an unlimited number of kilometers. In Romania, tolls are paid, but if they want to travel in Europe, they must always pay tolls and highways.


The speed of safe driving in the case of motorhomes is 100-110 km / h on motorways and 80 km / h on national roads and you must be careful of cornering speed, because motorhomes have a weight and height that can produce balance and not you definitely want that.

You can park anywhere, but if you want to park on the highway, for example, you are not allowed to open the veranda and remove the seats and the table, a fine is charged for this. To avoid this, you can park in the parking stations that have arranged parking spaces for motorhomes that allow water supply or discharge of wastewater and the toilet tank for free.

In the event of a breakdown of the vehicle or interior / living space systems, you must contact us immediately, and if the motorhome cannot be moved, please call the European Fiat Camper Assistance numbers: 00390244412160 or 0080034281111 interventions are free (towing and repair under warranty).

“Next Auto Rent” motorhomes can be driven by anyone at least 28 years old who holds a category B driving license for at least 7 years. If you still have questions or concerns, we are waiting for you at any time by e-mail office@motorhomerentals.ro.